Friday, September 30, 2016


We're very excited to be back with NEW comic strips featuring some NEW characters. Characters like Stanley here who LOVES candy apples.

Illustration: Teresa Carlson
Lettered: Janice Chiang
Created/Written/Colors: Jeff Balke

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hi there.
I hope you guys all had a great 2016 so far.  It's been a pretty interesting adventure so far with us.  With these many adventures we've had, we've also had a few new friends join us along the way.

We here at Jeff Balke Studios, are very pleased to announce, that we're bringing back our weekly comic strips this Fall, right here on our Blogger.  For right now this is the home of our strips and will be making updates to this page to accomidate for all the NEW adventures out little friends are having in the new strips.

We're currently creating NEW strips with a few new faces on our creative teams.
You guys are in for a great time.

Keep posted here and on our FaceBook page (, for updates on the strips.